Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What motivates you to build and maintain this website?

Answer: We have seen enough people getting symptoms and getting seriouly ill because of base station exposure. Additionally, like European Parliament we do not understand why schools and kindergartens are used as base stations in Finland and several other countries. Especially, when science and practice indicate that safe level with children is almost zero (or well below 100 µW/m²)

Question: How can I help?

Answer: Please, inform your friends about Chronic Exposure. Additionally, let parents, teachers and headmasters know about this website. Building this website has been time consuming and expensive, so, please, support us by buying books. (We promise you: those books are worth reading)

Question: Your service is called 'Chronic Exposure'. Your journal papers and news are focused on transmitters, only. Why don't you also focus on powerlines, electrical network, mobile phones and electrical appliances?

Answer: Thank you for your feedback. On purpose we selected base stations and masts. We try to cover this kind of exposure as well as possible. This is the start and we will perhaps extend our literature reviews in the future.

Question: There is a research paper missing. What can I do about it?

Answer: Please, send us the missing reference by clicking the feedback button. Thank you kindly.

Question: You don't have any provocation studies listed. Why?

Answer: Our service is about chronic exposure. We see little value in beaming a group of people for 30 minutes and in expecting them to 'press the button at the right time' . According to our experience and knowledge, effects are non-linear, symptoms often come up many hours after the radiation exposure. Similarly, people who get symptoms, get them in situations where there are plenty of sources (like many base station antennas) in the proximity, not just one, like in provocation studies. Additionally, these provocation studies are often poorly constructed, with minimal recovery times and ineffective shielding of other irradiation sources (voltage transients, low level electric and magnetic field of the test equipment etc.). We hope that testing will be done properly in the future.

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